Thursday, August 27, 2009

becoming grounded in inspiration

©2011 gary
Admittedly, I've long been an artist that sometimes gets lost in the contemporary message of my work. I do after all own it and somewhere in my hellbent creative mind, it becomes almost gospel in its sacred delivery and message... even if viewers are sometimes left questioning why. Seems as artists, the world revolves around us. Imagine that. We absorb our surroundings, dissect it, rearrange it, and spit it back out to the world as a reinterpretation of the original... or transforming it into something totally original itself.

Though my art rarely displays it, one on the most rewarding and grounding times for me as an artist ...and as a normal Joe, is reconnecting to the gifts, spirituality, and honesty of nature. After having spent a few weeks in the concrete and steel of Washington, D.C. this summer, I committed myself to taking the long road home ... escaping through the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. As its always been for me... it was a Godsend of beauty, sound, and a welcoming peace. I try to make room for these centering sort of road trips every few years and afterwards, I always wish I'd make time for more. Through my camera, my thoughts, and an endless open blue sky... I once again found me.

Its in those moments of tranquility that reconnect my soul, inspire my contemporary hellbent mind, and strengthen my passion for a creative, healthy, and grounded way of life.

Monday, August 24, 2009

pop art, pop life, pop culture ...pop this!


Pop Culture has always been a driving force throughout my creative process. This short film was completed about 2 weeks following the United States Presidential Election in November of 2008.

he said. she said. no!, ....she really did say it.

It's quite amazing how perceptions can sometimes become shifted.

"Woman" is a short film that I produced for a graduate fine art class. My basic concept behind the film was to combine a pop fused collection of visuals, music, and words to celebrate women... including public quotes about women from one of the most iconic females of the past century.... Marilyn Monroe.

After premiering the 3:19 film during my critique, silence filled the room followed by outrage and missed perceptions. It was quickly stated that, as a man, it was not my place to produce a film celebrating women. Seems that in my attempt to create a pop vision, I'd unleashed a rage of emotion complete with literal face to face confrontations.

I still stand behind my initial concept and for me... it still represents a celebration. Thank God I listed Ms. Monroe as the originator of the film's text in the final credits. Without them, I may have been reduced to ashes following the witch burning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

just a brush stroke

David Leffel
Painting isn't just applying layers of color over one another.
In this video, David Leffel from the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art poetically explains the importance of the brush stroke and ".... putting down pieces of paint on the canvas".

Saturday, August 22, 2009

contemporary figures meet classic

Mark Miltz

I had the opportunity to meet Mark Miltz and view his incredible paintings while exhibiting in an exhibition at the Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland, Virginia during 2003. Mark's total mastery of the figure and his inclusion of contemporary culture and sculpture with his large-scale paintings is truly stunning.

fearing art

©2011 gary

I find myself amazed at the varied perception of others when it comes to the human form. My wife and I have a very diverse and impressive collection of fine art that we've collected through the years. As we prepared to place our home on the market last year, we found ourselves following the normal Realtor suggestions to de-clutter our home before placing the lovely "for sale" sign in the yard. De-clutter we did and upon the agents returning we were given full approval of our earlier assignment. It was at that point that we were then asked one additional task before placing our gorgeous home into their hands during one of the worst real estate markets in decades, ...remove or replace any nude art in our home... "because it just may offend someone".

I didn't recall us having any musty covers from men's magazines or tacky velvet paintings hanging throughout our home. Each of the paintings and sculptures in reference are all beautiful original works of art, all from artists who have exhibited in upscale galleries and museums around the country... including some work of my own. I was stunned by the suggestion and angry at the idea that I had to secretly hide our beautiful art collection. After six months, we removed our house from the market and replaced all of our art back to their walls and pedestals. Regardless of whether you refer to it as nekkid or nudes, our home was once again filled with the inspiration and the beauty of art.

Art has always filled my life with vivacity, passion, and a yearning for life. The staleness of status quo numbs my soul and generates a void for all emotions.