Wednesday, November 11, 2009

finding art in the performance of life

I had the most joyous time last night watching a film that moved my soul. The 2006 film Venus stars Peter O'Toole, nominated for Best Actor in his role as Maurice, an aging actor that celebrates and loves the art of living. The film's cast is stellar and the dialogue amongst the film's characters is pure, pure genius, heartwarming, funny, and more importantly... incredibly real.

It's a story that makes us laugh, smile, cry, and breathe in all those things that most make us live. Venus is genius filmmaking, a remarkable story, and just another reason why Miramax remains at the top of my list.

"Venus" film quote that I just had to scribble in my sketchbook:

Ian: I love this horrible place. It reminds me of what I wanted to become.

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