Monday, January 24, 2011

creative inspiration basics

I recently watched It Might Get Loud. With my lifelong interest in music and art, I wasn't too surprised to find this film to be so inspiring. What did surprise me however, was just how much bigger the inspiration really was.

I knew of Jack White before seeing the film, but not a great deal. Within minutes of the film, I discovered that I share some genuine creative theories with Jack regarding the marriage of technology and art.

"Technology is a big destroyer of emotion and truth.
That's the disease we have to fight in any creative field."  Jack White

I just may have to add a Jack White poster to cubicle c-3014. And another to my studio. And my kitchen. And my sock drawer, and...


  1. Bryan and I watched this movie yesterday afternoon...I had watched it once before...Jack White is amazing, creative , inspiring...much like you, my friend...creativity it!

  2. i think you're giving me way too much credit, but thank you Pam. Now I really need to get creative.