Sunday, February 13, 2011

the new age of music... not new age music.

A Few Tunes, ©2011 gary
I've spent hours of my life in rooms and buildings housing some of the finest music I've ever heard. I'm certain that I've passed some landmark gems over the years, but I've also discovered some of the most inspiring, rebellious, melodic, experimental, thought provoking, body shaking, emotional, poetic, somber, and angst-ridden collections of sound by walking my index and middle finger, one in front of the other, through an endless landscape of spines. Record stores. I so miss them. I miss the physicalness of holding a record, absorbing the artwork, and reading the text. That was the introduction of a friendship, sort of the getting to know you period before committing to anything further. Without it, I'd have missed out on some of the greatest and inspiring friendships of my life.

I made a pact with myself years ago. I swore off ever becoming "that guy". You know him. That guy. The one who complains about the world's woes and how it just ain't what it use to be. Time has a distinct way of changing everything. Not necessarily for the good or the bad, but simply for the sake of forward advancement. Life is simply like that. Hell, we're like that. The experience of spending hours browsing and shopping in a record store, like movie and bookstores, is rapidly reshaping. Without being that guy, it just ain't what it once was.

With all of this said, Robert Plant's Band of Joy is quite an impressive album. Apparently I bought Plant’s newest release as a digital download from Amazon on Black Friday weekend last November. After stumbling across the digital file yesterday on my laptop, I gave it a first listen …on Valentine's Day eve, nearly three months since making the initial purchase. I rest my case and once again, "if I can't hold it, I must not own it" comes to mind. Now I’m wondering what else I’ve not listened to, watched, or read.

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  1. For Valentines, I was given a greeting card followed by a quick apology. The day before I wrote and posted this blog, she purchased the valentine card and the gift inside, ... a $50 iTunes gift card.
    All I could do was laugh. Life is just like that.