Saturday, August 22, 2009

fearing art

©2011 gary

I find myself amazed at the varied perception of others when it comes to the human form. My wife and I have a very diverse and impressive collection of fine art that we've collected through the years. As we prepared to place our home on the market last year, we found ourselves following the normal Realtor suggestions to de-clutter our home before placing the lovely "for sale" sign in the yard. De-clutter we did and upon the agents returning we were given full approval of our earlier assignment. It was at that point that we were then asked one additional task before placing our gorgeous home into their hands during one of the worst real estate markets in decades, ...remove or replace any nude art in our home... "because it just may offend someone".

I didn't recall us having any musty covers from men's magazines or tacky velvet paintings hanging throughout our home. Each of the paintings and sculptures in reference are all beautiful original works of art, all from artists who have exhibited in upscale galleries and museums around the country... including some work of my own. I was stunned by the suggestion and angry at the idea that I had to secretly hide our beautiful art collection. After six months, we removed our house from the market and replaced all of our art back to their walls and pedestals. Regardless of whether you refer to it as nekkid or nudes, our home was once again filled with the inspiration and the beauty of art.

Art has always filled my life with vivacity, passion, and a yearning for life. The staleness of status quo numbs my soul and generates a void for all emotions.

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