Monday, August 24, 2009

he said. she said. no!, ....she really did say it.

It's quite amazing how perceptions can sometimes become shifted.

"Woman" is a short film that I produced for a graduate fine art class. My basic concept behind the film was to combine a pop fused collection of visuals, music, and words to celebrate women... including public quotes about women from one of the most iconic females of the past century.... Marilyn Monroe.

After premiering the 3:19 film during my critique, silence filled the room followed by outrage and missed perceptions. It was quickly stated that, as a man, it was not my place to produce a film celebrating women. Seems that in my attempt to create a pop vision, I'd unleashed a rage of emotion complete with literal face to face confrontations.

I still stand behind my initial concept and for me... it still represents a celebration. Thank God I listed Ms. Monroe as the originator of the film's text in the final credits. Without them, I may have been reduced to ashes following the witch burning.

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